2 responses to “Pleasures and Practicalities of Paper Books”

  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    Thanks for writing this article, Jeffrey. It’s one I had been meaning to write for a long time! You did it beautifully. I completely agree with your arguments for paper books, or “real books” as I still call them. The one about electricity especially resonates with me. I grew up without electricity. My family loved books. We would not have been able to access e-books at all! I think people forget how many people still live without electricity. What would they all do if we only had e-books? And, like you, I love how democratic real books are–how you can loan them and pass them on. I don’t like a book just being one person’s property forever. It seems very elitist to me.

  2. Jeffrey Shaffer

    Amanda–I can’t resist saying this–when it comes to paper books, you and I are obviously and enjoyably on the same page!

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