9 responses to “Free Oatmeal!”

  1. James

    Free Offers: The Paradox: They’re Awesome and Don’t Come with Any Strings Attached, Yet No One’s Commented Yet.

  2. Emily

    I’m a fan of The Oatmeal, and also of oatmeal in general. I’m also a former cat lover who’s been turned to the dog side by the powers of doggie persuasion.

  3. Nora

    I knew cats were plotting to kill us prior to Matthew’s book, but I’m confident I’ll learn something from his insightful commentary on the world of dogs. I’m a fan of The Oatmeal and Matthew’s work on behalf of building a Tesla Museum. Science! Comics! Dogs!

  4. Katherine

    I would dragon kick a baby for the oatmeal!

  5. Kim York

    I love oatmeal and dogs. Cats, not so much. I never win anything so you would make my day (week, month, year. . . . .) if I get picked!

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