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  1. Brad Craft

    Lovely piece. Thank you for this.

  2. Mary Elliott

    Your article made me smile and actually tear up a bit. We opened our small bookstore the same year and are still hanging in there. Who knew, really, who knew?

  3. Martin McClellan

    Inklings is a great bookstore. My wife and I live in Seattle, but her family is from Yakima. We used to go over a few times a year to visit her aging grandmother. One time we stumbled across Inklings. I bought a few things, and then saw a letterpressed broadside taped up on a bookshelf. It was a butterfly themed poem, with illustrations. Very nicely done — I think done in promotion of a book of poetry. I asked about it — was it for sale by any chance? My father collected broadsides, and his personal totem was the butterfly. I knew he would love it.

    The girl running the counter took my information, said she didn’t know and would ask the owner. A week or so later a package arrived with the broadside inside. They just sent it to me for free.

    So I made a point of spending some time in the store every time I came to town and buying a small stack of books. For such a small store, there’s a great selection, especially of literary magazines. Once or twice I was lucky enough to stumble across a reading in progress, but most of the time I’d just wander around and leave a little bit of money and take a little pile of books.

    Since then my wife’s grandmother has died, as has my father, but I still have his broadside collection and, in particular, this broadside. And anytime I hear that somebody is going to Yakima I say “Well, you know of course that there is this really great bookstore there and you have to go spend money with them.” The price of eternal loyalty and good word-of-mouth for this customer: a stamp and a promotional broadside, and caring enough to spend the time.

  4. Pam Price

    You’re our West Coast soulmate! Loved your column, which certainly reminded me of daily life at The Book Shop of Beverly Farms. We also relate to your plumbing challenges! All the best to you and your wonderful store. Hope to visit someday!

  5. Susan Richmond

    You are welcome, Brad. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. Susan Richmond

    Mary and Pam, Isn’t it amazing how much we can have in common as booksellers no matter where we are located? I’d love to see both your stores, in fact, I’m going to look them up right now!

  7. Susan Richmond

    Thanks for taking the time to tell me that story, Martin. Nothing makes us happier than making someone’s day! We didn’t know how much it meant to you and I’m so glad you still love it. I think that would have made your Dad very happy. Thanks for continuing to send people our way – we really appreciate the support.

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