3 responses to “There Lives a Boy Named Homer”

  1. Brian

    As a goofy dad who’s been known to try to get his kids to watch a Don Knotts movie, I appreciate your efforts, Jeffrey. Although MInecraft and Star Wars Angry Birds have crept their way onto our family periphery, the kids just spent the second New Year’s Day in a row watching an Abbott and Costello marathon and Trixie, Frank, Joe, Pippi, Flicka, Ricka, Dicka, Dorothy and many other old friends sit comfortably in our living room at this very moment. It’s amazing what kids respond to if you throw a blanket over the flashing, booming and ‘sploding and just show them something “new.” Here’s to mindful zoning practices at the bookstore and in the home!

  2. Jeffrey Shaffer

    “Mindful zoning practices”–I could not agree more! Interesting also that you mentioned Don Knotts because I almost made a comparison between Centerburg and Mayberry. When you look at the illustrations in Homer Price you half-expect to see Don or Andy Griffith somewhere in the background.

  3. Amanda MacNaughton

    What a great recommendation, Jeffrey! I’ve never read Homer Price, but now I just may have to. I appreciate your caution about the pictures with guns. Yes, those images really do feel different to us now. I recently saw the Hobbit movie and was more relieved than I can say that all the fighting is done with swords, bows and arrows, and a slingshot. And I feel queasy every time I see a book cover with a gun featured on it, especially if the gun is pointed outward at the viewer. I don’t face those ones out. It’s too scary now.

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