6 responses to “Dude, Take My Muffler . . . and Other Surprise Gifts at Annie Bloom’s”

  1. Brian

    Jeffrey, you’re sporting a winner! Bayern Munchen is dominating!
    Good mojo.

  2. James

    And the whole league is worth supporting too.


    Maybe there should be an FC PNBA scarf.

  3. Jeffrey Shaffer

    I’m so glad that other people know more about sports than I do! Thanks for sharing! I don’t follow European leagues so I need all the help I can get.

  4. Brian

    Credit where credit is due—curiosity and Google. But I do know how people are about their futbol clubs, and the scarf gifting story is brilliant. I’m not sure I’d so easily part with my Cubs cap. Pancakes, I’m a bit more liberal in that venue.

  5. Julie

    This article captures the gift of working in a book store so well. I work at Bank Square Books in Mystic CT and the conversations and tangible ‘gifts’ the customers bring in each day are priceless. One of my favorites happened over a discussion with a customer about an Italian cookbook and our mutual love of preparing food — after mentioning I had never tasted wild dill, she went home, cut some from her garden and brought it back to me complete with preparation instructions. I’ll never forget that and countless other daily interactions with customers, these shared moments are one of the greatest joys of a very joy filled occupation.

    1. Brian

      Thanks for tuning in, Julie. We know your store via Shelf Awareness, and it’s great to connect with one of the real-life indie booksellers inside!

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