3 responses to “How a Book Can Set You Free”

  1. Bob

    Nice essay. Having lost a brother myself to suicide, much of what you have written here rings so true — the silence in the family; the “impossibility” of trying to tell his story.

    I’m sorry about your brother. And I admire that you have attempted this book. I will give it a read.

  2. Kip Boyle (Oh, Brother!)

    Kim, I’m impressed by your courage to write about something so awkward and difficult. I have three brothers, so I know how important they can be, especially when you are all younger; they help you figure out the world! It sounds to me like you have finally found your peace. As for me, I’m going to put your new book on my reading list. Cheers!

  3. Diana Raab


    I know you have been thinking about writing this book for years. I am so proud of you that you brought it to fruition. I knew you would and it was indeed a very brave endeavor. I know and understand the pain of which a book about a loved ones suicide, which I encountered when writing “Regina’s Closet.” I am sure you had difficult moments — and surely your brother (and father) would be proud!

    Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy, soon!


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