4 responses to “The Magic Bookshop”

  1. Pam Price

    Really enjoyed reading your piece! You’ve caught the mood we’ve been trying to create in our store since 1968. I think you’d love the Book Shop of Beverly Farms on the coast of Massachusetts; I know people sometimes leave our store feeling the same way you did at Betty’s Books. Thanks for your inspiring writing!

  2. Emilie Goldman

    I enjoyed your article, Amanda! We have a terrific independent,kids bookstore here in San Carlos, CA – The Reading Bug. It really has a sense of community and the employees take a great interest in what the kids are reading. I am inspired to be a bit less lazy, skip the B&N and spend more time at our local independent book stores.

  3. Machelle

    What a delightful place! I enjoyed reading about it and the”original” magic bookstore,Betty’s books. Thank you for sharing.I encourage everyone to go and ship at an independent book store this week and buy something!! I for one, don’t want this kind of magic to disappear.

  4. Lisa

    Wonderful story. But maybe I’m biased because Betty’s Books is my magic bookshop. 🙂 It opened the same year I was born, so it’s a staple in my life, and now my kids are growing up with it too!

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