17 responses to “The Fundamentals of a Free Shirt”

  1. Colin Rea

    That’s a sweet shirt… pick me, pick me! If not, I’m coming after Craig Popelars.

  2. Jamie Schildknecht

    I would totally wear that shirt. It might make up for the disappointment of not reading the book yet. Ross, if you’re reading this: BRING BACK THAT ARC!

  3. Jesse

    Nice looking shirt! I really enjoyed “West of Here,” so I’ll be sure to check this one out.

  4. Kathy Brackett

    Very cool looking shirt…

  5. James

    Sign me up.

  6. Stesha Brandon

    Love Johnny, love the shirt. Can’t wait for the new book!

  7. Caitlin Luce Baker

    Johnny Evison is one of my favorite authors and I loved The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving! Love the shirt too.

  8. lindsey

    Book sounds fantastic….and, well, I got to have the shirt:)

  9. Jessica E

    cool shirt, and the book sounds great!

  10. Cheryl McKeon, bookseller

    I will wear it on BART, from the East Bay and throughout San Francisco, and you KNOW I’ll force conversations, like “Jonny Evison….You NEED to read this, and West of Here, too….he’s brilliant..you’ll feel like you’re THERE…..”

    1. Emily

      Good booksellers are always on duty! 🙂

  11. Charles Barragan

    Pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!! 😉

  12. jan olander

    Did someone say “free!” Please sign me up. 🙂

  13. Zachary Cole

    Wow, I’d love a free copy. Sign me up!

  14. Linda Bond

    Yikes! The man knows how to write and also someone at Algonquin knows how to promote! What a combination… One of the reasons we still have indie bestsellers and I, for one only, am looking forward to having a new Eviston to promote here at Auntie’s in Spokane.

  15. Linda Bond

    Sorry… Evison… that was an unfortunate typo and I hit the post button too quickly – that’ll teach me to edit a little bit more closely!

  16. Jamie

    And the winners are . . . Cheryl, Jessica E., Caitlin, Linda and Colin! Will you all send your snail mail addresses to [email protected]? Congrats!

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