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  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    Maybe this is why I read so many young adult and children’s books. Often, they’re better at providing a genuine happy and uplifting conclusion. It seems that writers, editors, and publishers feel that young people should be uplifted and not made to feel too down for too long. However, if this is true for children and teenagers, I’d argue it’s equally true (if not more so) for adults. We deal with so much in our daily lives that is not uplifting, and so many “endings” in our lives that aren’t happy, that we need uplifting sustenance.
    I love Molly Gloss’s “The Hearts of Horses,” which I’ve heard is her only book that has a happy ending. This is why I haven’t read any of her others!
    There are books I read over and over because of the feeling they give me. L.M. Montgomery’s books are among them–not just the beloved Anne of Green Gables series, but many of her others. “The Blue Castle” is my absolute happy-ending favorite of hers! And I read “The Lord of the Rings” again and again, because, while it does not actually have a happy ending for all the main characters, it so strongly affirms the good in humans (okay, and hobbits) that I always feel strengthened when I read it.
    Nice post, Miriam!

  2. Miriam Landis

    Thanks for such a nice response, Amanda. I haven’t read The Hearts of Horses and will have to check it out. I second your love of L.M. Montgomery!

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