10 responses to “Dear Parents: Your Noisy Kids
Are Always Welcome Here”

  1. Brad Craft

    Screaming adults, on the other hand…

  2. Brian

    Jeffrey, all three of your seminal Little Goldens are in our kid’s shelves today. Long live Tibor Gergely, Gustav Tenggren and the grumpy toddler!

  3. Jeffrey Shaffer

    Brad–on yet ANOTHER hand–what about Screaming Trees? Now THAT was a great band. And as for the Little Goldens, may they remain bright and shiny in the memories of readers now and forever.

  4. Jan Taylor Garfield

    The covers fell off my copy of Scuppers, but I wouldn’t replace it for the world!

    1. Jan Taylor Garfield

      Sorry, I mean, “The Sailor Dog” known as Scuppers. My bad.

  5. Deon Stonehouse

    What a lovely article! I agree totally.

  6. Jeffrey Shaffer

    Scuffy was a tugboat and Scuppers was a sailor dog and their names are very similar, and it sometimes made me wonder if there was some family connection between them. I had a lot of literary questions drifting around in my head as a child.

  7. Lady Regina

    Scuppers!(The Sailor Dog) I love that book and still have the copy I had when I was a child. It’s the original 1953 version and has 4 additional pages which, for some unknown reason, were deleted from subsequent issues. After finding the book at garage sales – to be given to my grandchildren – I discovered the loss of those pages, which contained pictures that always stirred something in me. (Scuppers sleeping in his shelter on the beach, and the picture of a light on inside and smoke coming from the chimney) Kind of sad for me, because I loved those pictures. It’s nice to know others love him, too! My search continues!

  8. Pam

    I’m really enjoying your monthly columns. This one reminded me of all the wonderful children’s books that populated my own childhood and made it so much richer than it would have been had I never discovered those amazing stories and drawings. The characters were true friends indeed, and have had a great influence and positive effect on me to this very day. Thank you for bringing back those happy memories, Jeff!

  9. Jeffrey Shaffer

    It’s so nice to hear from others about how stories and illustrations from great children’s books stay with us throughout our adult lives. I’m trying to emphasize that fact to all new parents I meet in the store.

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