4 responses to “Digging Into What’s True:
An Interview with Cheryl Strayed”

  1. Tegan

    What a great interview! Cheryl’s creative display ideas are particularly useful. Add a canteen, some old hiking boots, and a tent as a backdrop and we all have a perfect window display for the next month. Sideline ideas for the display: CLIFF bars, water bottles, and bandannas. 🙂

  2. cecelia hagen

    Wonderful to read this! Jamie, it’s so right on to call Cheryl’s style honest and elegant, with “no yucky therapy quality.” Thanks to both of you…

  3. An alphabetical memoir | NARRATIVE

    […] Companion to an Untold Story by Marcia Aldrich. University of Georgia Press, 262 pp.  It’s a gorgeously written, geniusly structured tale about a friend of Aldrich’s who committed suicide. I loved it.—Cheryl Strayed, in an interview […]

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