6 responses to “Evison Receives, and So Does One Lucky NWBL Reader”

  1. Casz Brewster

    First exposed to “Johnny” and his work thorough the literary magazine KNOCK. With WEST OF HERE, it’s clear that Evison may be one of the go-to literary figures not only for the Pacific Northwest, but of our generation. That’s a big prediction, but Evison has the energy and creativity and personality to fulfill it. The fact that he’s ever so approachable, personable and a rabid cheerleader for emerging writers is just the fedora on top of this incredible sundae of talent.

  2. Douglas

    I was first taken in by Evison’s remarkable storytelling skills with his debut novel, All About Lulu, and though I haven’t yet read West of Here, I am anxious to do so.

  3. Lucy Stimmel

    I met Jonathan at the Northwest Book Fair in Kirkland last summer, then atain at a Seattle7Writers event last October and again at Park Place books in Kirkland after that. He was approachable, generous with his time and skill and hiding a sense of humor I wish I had more exposure to. He has given me advice and the benefit of his experience, good, bad and sometimes ugly. I just really like and admire him and would love to have that box.

  4. Lucy Stimmel

    Besides … Valentine’s Day is my birthday and that set would make a lovely gift, don’t you think??

  5. Lori Strege

    I love that Jonathon is finally getting the recognition he greatly deserves! It’s nice to know that even someone from a small town can really make a name for themselves. Congratulations on your award and keep the books coming.

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