2 responses to “Tales from a New Bookstore Owner: A Conversation with St. Helens Book Shop's Lori Cardiff by Kristin Thiel”

  1. Susan Conn

    I’d like to make a slight correction to the title of the article and offer clarification. St. Helens is actually a 3 bookstore town. The St. Helens Bookshop is the only one carrying primarily new books, but within our 3-1/2 square miles we also have Grammy’s Books (west of the highway) and Word for Word Books & Espresso (in the Olde Towne District near the river). Lori gave me a heads-up as soon as she realized that the title was misleading, for which I’m grateful. Despite the misstatement this was a very well done article and I think Lori is doing a great job as one of our indie booksellers.