10 responses to “We Are More Than Your Showroom, Dammit!”

  1. Claudia Wohlfeil

    Go Sylla!

  2. Kurt Dally

    Way to go! Great idea. Thank You.

  3. Gary Alexander

    Isn’t taking bar codes in that fashion the same as stealing?

  4. Suzanne Droppert

    Great idea Sylla. Thanks for sharing

  5. Joan Mason

    I applaud your feisty taking on of Amazon! If I were closer I would come in and meet you. Next time we are there I will . . . Heather Sharfeddin (author and resident of McMinnville) is our daughter. Good luck in fighting the BIG BOYS!

  6. sheri

    this is theft ,plain and simple.

  7. Judith Hance

    I have rarely purchased anything from Amazon, preferring to pay a little more at an independent book store. I love living in “book city” like Seattle and shopping at stores that offer something besides the “top ten” bestsellers. Hurray for Sylla, more power to you!
    Judith Hance

  8. Brad Craft

    You are a rock star.

  9. Judie Romeo

    I like your way of thinking Sylla but I won’t be able to participate in your offer—not only because I live in Seattle but also because I DO NOT HAVE AN AMAZON ACCOUNT and I never will. I grew up haunting bookstores, a habit I have continued all my life and one that I find substantially increases the quality of my life. Thanks to all of you who give me a place to hang out whenever the mood strikes me.

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