18 responses to “Win Feathers!”

  1. Sarah Blackstone

    This is an absolutely terrific book–a great read and one that will have you thinking about feathers in new and wonderful ways. I’ve been a bird watcher my whole life, but never thought much about feathers as an independent area of inquiry. I hope someone puts out a field guide to feathers soon–to add to my guides on eggs and nests and all sorts of bird species. Hanson’s writing is clear and engaging, but full of important research and solid information.

  2. Jesse

    I’ve had my eye on this one since the author talked it up on KUOW last year!

  3. Laurel Mayall

    I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Feathers’ and Thor’s presentation at our local bookstore.

  4. Judy Krieger

    As a long time birder I’m always on the lookout for a good new read, and one that will teach me something. This book fills the bill plus. Well researched, accessible and a lot of fun to read it could be at the top of anyone’s holiday list. And you too will probably learn something new, even if its about Las Vegas showgirls!

  5. Kari Berger

    I learned so much from FEATHERS, both his presentation and then the book: so surprisingly and unexpectedly much. I’m sure the book could have been longer given how vast an area the topic covers. One thing that amazed me is how we/I may love and appreciate birds and their finery but never wondered deeply enough to ask the questions Thor asks – and does his best to find answers for. LOVE the people in the Smithsonian uncovering bird identities from fragments of featherage!

    Bravo to Thor for this wondrous volume. I’m paying attention.

    Kari Berger

  6. Bob Diller

    I’m using Feathers as a resource to help teach adaptation and evolution to 3rd graders.

  7. Eric Kowalczyk

    This is a terrific book about a fascinating subject. I have worked with birds at a zoo for over 33 years and have frequently have asked visitors “what makes a bird a bird?” Of course, the answer is simply: FEATHERS. In Thor Hanson’s book, he comprehensively covers this subject. Using wit, anecdotes and interviews with a wide assortment of people who work with and use feathers (from fly fisherman, down clothing manufacturers, evoltionary biologists, show girls in Las Vegas, indigenous people (e.g. Huli Wigmen of Papau New Guinea), artists, etc.), Mr. Hanson delivers an easy to understand appreciation of this fabulous natural structure. This book has something of interest for everybody (or at least, should have!).

  8. Pete Cilley

    As others have noted, Thor has a wonderful “voice” when he writes. He is able to make complex material easily accessible to us non biologists. He also always brings his sense of humor and a feeling of wonder to his topics. I would also urge people to look for his earlier book: “The Impenetrable Forest.” It’s a tale of his time in the Peace Corps, stationed in Uganda, and beginning the process of introducing eco tourism to both the local people and the main attraction: the Mountain Gorillas. An exceptional read.

  9. Francis Melvin

    Have not yet read Feathers but so loved Thor’s previous book, The Impenetrable Forest, My Gorilla Years in Uganda, that I chose Uganda and the impenetrable forest of Bwindi as my first African venture. It was the most moving experience of my life being able to spend a short (1 hour) period of time with a group of mountain gorillas in their dwindling habitat. I am committed to doing what i can to help preserve this species and their home. If Feathers is half as moving and enlightening as My Gorilla Years, it will be a great read.

  10. Kathy Brackett

    That looks like a great book. I am looking forward to checking out the book design

  11. Mary Ferm

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Thor’s entertaining and informative talk. I haven’t actually read the book yet, because my husband made off with the book immediately and seems to be savoring it. He reports that it is very well written and thinks maybe our niece and nephew would like it. He is not usually excited about going to book talks, but now he is talking about wanting to go to more. I think I am going to have to sneak it off his shelf and read it myself when he is not around.

  12. Mary Blackstone

    Thor Hanson’s Feathers is a wonderful book, one I return to often for another look. I have given it as a gift and have many other recipients in mind. It’s lively, informative, entertaining and fascinating. I can’t wait for Thor’s next work.

  13. Stan Delles

    How wonderful that we have such a dedicated scientist and communicative author in Thor Hanson rigtht here in the Pacific Northwest. I learned so much from this book. Particularly interesting was the evidence of feather evolution in saurian species that are precursors to birds, and the theories presented as to the functions of feathers in those animals. And who knew what a fabulous engine the feather follicle is? I now find myself actively looking for shed feathers with some success – I’ve found what could only be a covert from a hummingbird and two marvelous flicker shafts!

  14. Alice Darlington

    I pick them up whenever I run across them – feathers – and yet I had never really thought much about the wonder that they are. Now, after reading Thor Hanson’s Feathers I can’t stop thinking about them and wondering what other technology will be based on studying them. I have wondered about airplane wings for a while, especially about the fins at the ends of many these days where there were none before. Feathers provided the answer as well as many others. Most of all though I simply enjoyed the easy , entertaining prose. My favorite sort of reading material and this book, one of the best. I look forward to reading his Impenetrable Forest.

  15. Nicole Nielsen-Pincus

    I’m so looking forward to owning this book. Thank you Thor for bringing light to something so beautiful, yet under-considered by most.

  16. Jim James

    I am presently just finishing this very enjoyable read and very impressed with the excellent coverage of all aspects of the subject as well as the history and detailed analysis of various evolutionary theories. I was fortunate enough to recently hear Thor’s discussion of the book and agree that he is a very animated, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker with an excellent command of his subjects.

  17. Yvonne Sparkes

    Thor Hanson has again written an amazing book, filled with insight and knowledge
    about the wonder and aero dynamics of the humble feather.
    My heart definitely “Took Flight”, with this follow up to the Gorgeous Primates
    in Uganda, “The Impenetrable Forest”, and I shall look at our singing friends with
    new eyes, and definitely new respect.