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Orientation and Other Stories, by Daniel Orozco

Here is a wonderful new (apparently first) book of short stories by Orozco, who teaches creative writing at the University of Idaho. The first story is Orientation, and it seems to be just that, an orientation at someone’s new job, where the desk is, where the bathrooms are, who sits where, etc. But it slowly, inexorably, becomes a revelation of the quirky, even perverted, people who work there. Each story is written from a different perspective, each seeming to tell one story before succumbing to its own meandering to become something else. I was drawn in, turned around, and surprised with every one. I agree with Anthony Doerr, who says in his back-cover blurb “I won’t be surprised when [Orientation] becomes a cult classic.”

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  1. Brad Craft

    Agreed. Very talented new writer.

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