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  1. Nick

    I read the entire article and I can tell this book is poorly written for dull readers. There is no mention of who was promising them the money and why. It is as if God simply put $10,000 in New York and told them them they can have it if they could walk there.

  2. Utah Librarian

    I really enjoyed this historical fiction novel. It is exciting to me to think of how many truths, how many windows into the past exist in this remarkable story of a mother and daughter walking across the entire American country, from seaboard to seaboard. Can you imagine being sturdy reserved Clara, following an eccentric, unblanaced yet perservering Mother across the entire country on foot? But, I suppose it takes a little crazy in order to make bold moves and change history. Imagine how inffluential the pair may have been if the loss of loved ones had not impaired their courage to tell this amazing story themselves; continuing their suffragsit campaign!

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your family legacy, Carole!

  3. Dianna Johnson

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