One Nightstand


Just finished a great book by Carter Niemeyer, who was at the forefront of actual wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone and central Idaho in 1995. Anyone who has followed wolf reintroduction knows how polarizing this issue has been in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming,It has been a cultural battle as much as it has a battle over the actual wolves themselves.

The book is a memoir about Carter’s life. His original plan was to stay in Iowa and make a living in the rural area he grew up in, but through a fascinating series of events, ended up with a master’s degree and a job as a government trapper in Montana. The story only gets more interesting as he stumbles into the world of wolves and wolf reintroduction. In doing so he also has to deal with the wrath of ranchers, wolf advocates, and his superiors.

This book is hard to put down. He is not only a good author, but a great story teller.

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