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  1. Rich Rusnak

    Both incredible writers, so gracious to jump into the fray.
    Thanks for covering this important and growingly poignant issue.

  2. Marcia Kircher

    Thank you very much for this spot-on review of a complex, unusual book. You have helped others understand why this is such an important combination of facts and why change now is imperative.

  3. Sharon Cousins

    This old Idaho grandma is standing and cheering the whole team. Having spent the better part of the last decade learning how the miracles we call “books” come to be, I am in awe of the speed with which you pulled off this timely miracle. Having had opportunity to study with some of the finest instructors in the International Women’s Writing Guild, I am in awe of the writing (let alone to pour it out so full and rich and then polish it up so fast). I have pulled off some last minute wonders in my time, but my hat is off to each and every person who contributed to this worthy effort.

    This whole thing is so wrong. I knew it was wrong long before I spent hours following that flashing, grinding horror through the quiet river night, observing it closely, on that curvy little road that has taken me and my family home so many times in that sweet, familiar dark. I knew it was wrong long before I started reading Heart of the Monster.

    Oh, how I used to love to hear my darling friend, Mari Waters (direct descendant of Old Joseph through Ollicut) tell that legend, especially to kids, really tell it, while I watched it in the light of rapt young faces. Complete with all the little side bits (or should I say inside bits?), like how the grizzly got his nose and how the rattlesnake got his diamond shaped head, etc.. I miss her so much, but she would have hated to see this abomination come to her heartland. I think it would have made her so sad and so angry, as it does me. I am proud to be walking with another of my old Nez Perce friends in the picture at Fighting Goliath from the recent Lewiston rally at the bridge and gates. Two old Idaho grandmothers, friends for decades, concerned for our grandchildren and their children, for the land we love. Two of those “outsiders”, those “agitators” that Otter tells the people to ignore, while he sells our land out from under us with his other hand.

    I saw this thing with my own eyes in the company of my sober, steady son, this first attempt to burrow into our country, and I tell you this. The monster is back. Hellish spawn of a greater beast that devours Chipewa country in Alberta, tunnels into our oceans, poisons our seas, fouls the air we breathe. He has sent this spawn from our desecrated oceans to eat our mountains and rivers, put our lives at risk, steal our children’s hope. There is no way to make this right. No way to make this safe. No way to make real good come of it. I saw it all, in pulsing light brighter than day that sliced the quiet night to ribbons, a razor among roses, peace left bleeding in shreds on the trembling ground.

    We must continue to find ways to beat back these cruel-hearted men who think that land is just something to walk on to get to the bank, or the monster will eat all we hold dear. Beat them back long enough, cost them long enough, snap at their ankles if we cannot reach their throats, and they will find some cheaper way, retreat and count it a victory. If that day comes and we are wise, we will do what we can to support any who stand against them on farther shores.

    Thank you so much, to everyone who made this incredible book happen. It is an honor to share a planet with you. Maybe if enough people all do what they can, it will be enough to save something for tomorrow. I will do what I can to recommend this Heart of the Monster. You’ll be in my writers’ newsletter, if I ever get the darn thing out with the mega-mess ripping such a hole in my life and heart, and I’ll get you on my Writing for Change page, if we can ever find time to upgrade it, as a stellar example of the finest that is in us and how we try to share it through the alchemy of words.

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