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We're Getting On by James Kaelan

James Kaelan’s debut novel, We’re Getting On, is 100% green, recycled, and super-post-consumer, with covers made of seed paper that, upon burial, germinate and grow into birch trees. The plot follows a group of characters—all in the midst of an existential failure—through several connected short stories and two novellas in a distopic near-future in which the mistakes of today have deepened. Poets and Writers calls it a ‘devastating debut’ and The Rumpus saysWe’re Getting On was the last book to remind me why I love books so much'” — Ravenna Third Place Books, Seattle (Kaelan, who’s on a zero-emission book tour, will read at Ravenna Third Place Saturday August 14 at 7pm). For more information about Kaelan’s tour through the Northwest, see his blog.

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