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Cheryl McKeon is a Bookseller Superstar

We’re going to miss Cheryl McKeon, who’s been slinging books at Third Place in Seattle for ten years now and is moving to Northern California with her family. We like the phrase “slinging books” because it suggests that bookselling is hard work and not just a job where you drink coffee and talk about books all day, but maybe it cheapens the art that Cheryl has mastered. She’s not just been selling books but describing them; writing about them; heartily recommending them; promoting them to kids, book groups and all manner of customers, introducing their authors; and volunteering her time in service of them (representing Third Place as a board member for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association and the Lake Forest Park Reads Committee). She’s a veteran bookseller (a title bestowed the most battle-scarred in the profession) and a friend to many booksellers and booklovers. We tip our hats to her. There’s a nice post about her over at the Third Place blog.

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  1. Cheryl, slinging bookseller

    What an honor! I will always admire and miss my PNW bookseller friends, reps, authors, and readers.

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