One Nightstand

The San Francisco Panorama

This isn’t a plug for a book, but, rather, a book review. It was more like a story, really, about the writer finding this out-of-print book at a junk shop. She and her boyfriend were arguing, fuming at each other in the heat of the summer, desperate to get out of town. If I were reviewing the review I would say it’s about the redemptive power of books found in junk shops. You can read the review in the book section of The San Francisco Panorama — also known as McSweeney’s No. 33, or the “newspaper issue,” which was published in December, 2009. I bought it at Green Apple Books in San Francisco in April, and I think it’s still around at a lot of indie bookstores. The book, by the way, was Edna O’Brien’s 44 year-old novel August is a Wicked Month.

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