Two-time champions from Team Snack Pack: Caitlyn from University Bookstore, Emily from Third Place, and Kaite from Random House. Missing from photo: 2016 new addition to the team, Powell's Shawn.

Book Lovers At Large

Seattle Celebrates Indie Bookstore Champions

On Saturday May 21, the Seattle Bookstores that participated in Seattle Bookstore Day on Independent Bookstore Day hosted a coronation celebration for the Indie Champions: 118 (!) book lovers who got stamps at at least 17 of the participating bookstores on April 30. Yes, these folks all went to SEVENTEEN bookstores in one day (and some went to NINETEEN!)! The celebration was hosted by Ada’s Technical Books, but all the participating bookstores chipped in to provide crowns, sparkling drinks, Ada’s-baked …

May 27, 2016

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