7 responses to “Why We Endure by 2012 PNBA Award Winner Jonathan Evison”

  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    Thanks, Jonathan, from a fellow writer of unpublished novels (who is also a bookseller). I do hope to be published someday, although shyness and trouble completing stories seem to stand in my way. However, I deeply feel what you said–“to write novels at all is to live the dream.”

  2. julia

    Thank you so much for this. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I printed it out and taped it to my desk as a reminder that I’m doing what I love

  3. David Abrams

    What a beautiful love letter to the great hand-sellers of our cherished indies! Thanks for writing it, JE.

  4. Deon Stonehouse

    Thanks for persevering through the hard times to hone your craft and become one of today’s most talented authors. You are giving us books written with such clarity and power, hand-selling them is a pleasure. West of Here is one of my favorite books!

  5. Luisa Brenta

    Thank you, Jonathan – for not giving up, for smiling about it and for finally making it.
    We are all with you.
    (Would love to be there next Tue.! But Berlin, Germany, is really too far to commute, even for an Italian unpublished writer)

  6. jonathan evison

    . . . glad to give my fellow wordsmiths a lift! . . . and deon, thanks for being one of those great handsellers!

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