2 responses to “The Memoir Trip: On Book Touring <br />and Opening Up Even More”

  1. Jane Francis

    Dear Kim,
    I, for one, could not write about my past knowing many of the people mentioned are still living. I’m just not that brave. Congratulations to you on your ability to reveal yourself in this way. I’m delighted to know you have had many wonderful encounters and positive strokes as a result.

    For the Northwest Book Lovers’ “WIN Free Books” contest in their 2011 Holiday Books guide:
    1) I am currently reading “Hotel Pastis” by Peter Mayle.
    2) My favorite local independent bookstore included the Holiday Books guide in the newspaper. Karen Emmerling runs “Beach Books” in Seaside, Oregon. Always new and intriguing books and items in her store.

  2. Sherri Jorgensen


    I have always supported local independent bookstores.

    I am currently reading The Greatest Moments in Sports.

    Thanks for the Holiday Books guide. So many wonderful books to get excited about!!!!!!!!